There’s something to see, that when you do, changes anxiety forever

What I share with my clients is a very different way of understanding anxiety – in fact, a very different way of understanding how humans being work in general, that when you see it, changes everything.

No techniques, no strategies, nothing to implement, nothing to remember. Just a simple seeing for themselves of how it all really works.

This is a clip from a training video that explains this further.

What is this ‘left leg’ I’m pointing to? In a nutshell, anxiety is a thought that looks scary to us. We have a lot on it. We want to ‘fix it’, we want it to be gone.

But the thought: ‘OMG, I might have to drive on a motorway!’ is made of the same stuff as ‘Hmmm, I might eat a digestive biscuit.’

Now, when we live in an understanding where we ARE our thinking and everything we think looks solid and real, the first thought holds a power over us. We dwell on it, we think it over and over (usually for at least 3 weeks before we actually have to go on a motorway) and we scare ourselves with our thinking.

But it’s a simple misunderstanding.

Our thinking isn’t solid and real.

In truth our thoughts are more like ticker tape running through our minds and left to its’ own devices, each thought just follows another follows another and we don’t get stuck on any of them.

Do you ever see a toddler get scared of something and then two seconds later they’re giggling their heads off?

That’s how we’re actually designed to work. It’s our default setting.

Do you see that? Do you see your own left leg?

Or do you find yourself thinking: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, now will you teach me how to hop?”

Anxiety is just thinking our thoughts are more real than they are.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (aka “What left leg?”) then the resources below will what I mean in more depth.




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