the solution for high-flying women
who want to shed their anxiety fast and be free

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, she turned into a butterfly.”


it's time to evolve

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a highly successful woman, probably earning six or seven figures, who has achieved a level of success through determination, grit, a go-getting attitude, ambition and drive.

To everyone else it totally looks like you have your shit together – an appearance you’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Because, behind the scenes, the inside is a complete reverse of the outside.

You’re anxious, you’re stressed, you’re not sleeping. You’re snapping at your kids and your relationships and health might be starting to suffer. Your mind is continually spinning with ideas, you never switch off or relax, you’re continually rushing from one thing to the next and you get frustrated when others don’t seem to be able to keep up with you.

You work on yourself constantly. You might have mindset practices that you do every day, yoga, affirmations or mediation but these take hours of your time that could be better spent on other things and to be frank, they’re just not hitting the spot in a permanent way. You’ve probably tried therapy, CBT, NLP, Tapping and read every book you can get your hands on about anxiety.

You’re constantly scanning yourself for symptoms in case you take on too much and there are opportunities you have to say no to when you’d like to say yes because you’re scared they might push you over the edge.

You might have waves of panic and anxiety that have been growing over the years with the result that although you’re a superstar at work, you’re no longer able to do what ‘normal’ people do in the rest of your life. That might be driving on motorways, going to the supermarket, running meetings or social gatherings.

As you’re probably in your 40s or 50s, you’re also wondering if this could all related to the menopause somehow.

But, more than anything, you feel terrified that the tenuous hold you have on your sanity will snap and everyone will find out what a mess you really are. 

And this simply cannot continue any longer.

I know your story because I was that woman.

You’re trying to be a smarter caterpillar.

It’s time to evolve.

Just imagine….. You.

Minus Anxiety.

Metamorphosis is a program designed for women who’ve had enough of living a life limited by fear.

Who are tired of strategies to become a more productive caterpillar and are ready to go full-on butterfly.

A simple 4-day program is all it takes to take you through the Little Peace of Mind process.

You’ll check into a luxury resort, close to my home here in Surrey on the Sunday where you’ll have access to the spa all day. 

Once you’ve settled in, we’ll start our work together on Sunday evening and I’ll come to you so there’s no need for you to travel once you’ve arrived. 

Yes, this is an individual, in-person program – I think we’ve all spent enough time in front of screens and there are results you can only get when meeting face-to-face. (I am fully vaccinated and have selected a location we can easily ventilate).

We’ll continue on the Monday and Tuesday and then our last session will be Wednesday morning, after which you’ll check-out and either travel home or stay to use the spa facilities.

This is a complete retreat experience where you’ll be well looked after and have plenty of time to relax, read, use the gym, take a massage, enjoy the yoga cabin or take a walk in the gardens in the breaks between sessions so you can take a complete break for your body as well as your mind..

But in truth, it’s none of these things (lovely though they are) that will bring you peace of mind. Instead, it’s what you’ll see as a result of our work together that’s yours to take home with you and will change your life from this point forwards.

Each session will be customised to be relevant to what’s showing up in your life, so none of the one-size-fits all approach of online programs and courses where you have to put your hand up, get in the queue and ask your question in front of everyone else.

This means we can get to the heart of the matter more swiftly and I can take you personally through the process that I’ve used to help thousands of clients with anxiety – with plenty of time and space to make sure you understand every piece.

Four days is all we’ll need and then you’ll be done with everything you need to go live your life peacefully and do your work effortlessly without the fear of anxiety tripping you up.


You’ll also have a full year of follow-up access to me via whats app with my private number in case life throws you anything in the following 12 months where you need a little reminder of what we covered in our time together. A Little Peace of Mind in your back pocket, if you like.

You. Minus Anxiety.



about me

My name is Nicola Bird and I’ve always been an overachiever. A Grades at school, a First Class degree, constantly promoted in the corporate world, founding my own business and taking it from zero to seven figures in four years before selling it. Go-getting, making stuff happen, doing the things others weren’t prepared to do, working harder than everyone else to get the result. Earning every single achievement with my own blood, sweat and tears.

And yet, behind the scenes there was 20 years of anxiety and stress. Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia. Panic attacks and migraines. Insomnia and breathlessness. Times when I couldn’t get on trains or drive on motorway. Periods of time when I was too scared to even leave my own house or be left on my own with my children.

You would have never known. 

Nobody did, not even my own mother. I hid it like my life depended on it. And it felt as if it did.

After all if my clients had found out how weak and fragile I really was, all my credibility would be lost and then I wouldn’t be able to work….and I needed to work.

It was the one thing I could control. It was the one thing that I felt distracted me from the fear.

And every achievement proved that I was OK – even though I knew in my heart I really, really wasn’t.

Then two things happened in 2013.

First – I completely burned out. I could hardly get out of bed for 3 months, had to hire a nanny as I was unable to pick my kids up from school and my team had to take over running my business. Lying in bed, sweating and heart pounding for no reason.

I realised there had to be simpler way of living.

Secondly, in the summer of that year, my business reached the seven-figure target I’d been aiming for. And the experience was shockingly, surprisingly absent of emotion. There was nothing there.

Now what? I thought.

I realised there had to be more to life.

These two events took me on a quest to find something simpler, something deeper about life that was true.

And what I found dissolved my anxiety completely.

And with that my limits were removed and the whole of life was back on the table again.

What I discovered is what I use to transform the lives of my clients today through my book, my programs and with my private clients.

So that you can do the work that’s important to you with a full heart and a quiet mind.

Your investment in the Little Peace of Mind 4-Day Intensive is £6,000.

This includes the 4-Day Intensive, a year of whats app support, three nights’ accommodation and breakfast at a luxury resort. 

Because of the time commitment and intimate nature of this work, I only work with a very small number of clients in this way and only offer a place to those I’m certain I can help.

Please see next steps below.

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