business breakthrough

for those who want to make good money doing great work

If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.

let's focus

You’ve trained as a three-principles based coach or practitioner and you probably have a handful of clients.

It’s beautiful work, it touches your heart, you see the impact it has and you’d like to spend more time helping more people – and, quite frankly, creating a reliable stream of income doing so.

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place.

Business Breakthrough is a practical program designed to teach you the principles of growing a successful practice, focus on what’s important for YOUR business development, helping you actually implement what it is that you learn (!) and enjoying the support and friendship of others while you do so you’re not doing it alone.

With a maximum of six participants, this intensive six-month program will help you make good money doing great work.

Set aside your Friday mornings, commit to seeing change happen – and let’s grow your practice together over the next 6 months.

Quick-Start Call: We kick off with a private call with me to help you get clarity on what you’d love to achieve over the six months of the program and identify your fastest path to more clients.

Business Breakthrough Days: Each lasting a full day,  during your Business Breakthrough Days, each practitioner will have 45 minutes in the ‘hot-seat’. Present your biggest business challenge and receive coaching with Nicola and facilitated masterminding from the other members of the group. You’ll be inspired with ideas just as much from listening to others do their hot-seat as you will from your own. We have three of these spread over the 6 months. 6 hours.

Then each Friday (except August), we circle through the following sessions:

Practical Topics: There are some fundamental strategies that will help position your coaching practice for growth. These can range from ‘how to run and fill a group program’ to ‘how to get known for your ‘thing’ and will be tailored to suit the needs of the group. 60 minutes.

Q&A Calls: The following week there will be a live Q&A call where you can ask questions about any element of your work or business growth. 60 minutes.

Implementation Session: This will be your opportunity to get focussed and make headway on the work you are doing to grow your business. A perfect way to blast through procrastination and faffing around – we get focussed, there’s no discussion, just holding the space for you to get a load of stuff done. 4 hours.

Mastermind: The final session on the rotation is scheduled just for you all to meet regularly without Nicola. You’ll take it in turns to host on zoom and this is your opportunity to use each other as sounding boards and build relationships that will last you long into the future

You’ll also be paired up with an accountability buddy to encourage you to do what you commit to doing – this program is all about taking action.

the training

the dates

A detailed calendar will be shared with you once you register, however as a general rule, starting from 6th May until we finish on 4th November,  Friday mornings are Business Breakthrough mornings!

(Except August when we break)

You’ll be able to book your Quick Start Call into my diary as soon as you sign up – this will take place during April and will be between the hours of 9am and 3pm. This is where it all begins!

These will run from 9am to 4pm on the following dates:

Friday 6th May

Friday 15th July

Friday 4th November

These will run from 9am – 1pm on the following dates:

Friday 27th May

Friday 24th June

Friday 22 July

Friday 16th September

Friday 14th October

These calls will take place on rotation on every other Friday not already booked! (With the exception of August).

Each will be on Fridays at 9am.

A full calendar will be shared with you once you join.

nicola (1)

a little about nicola...

Nicola has been working with people as a coach for over 16 years. With Masters Degree in Psychology, she is also a Master Transformative Coach, has hundreds (if not thousands!) of coaching hours under her belt, created an organisation that has helped over 100,000 people with anxiety and stress and is the Hay House author of the book A Little Peace of Mind.

She has founded several companies and has grown 4 of them to six figures and one to seven figures in revenues. Each was begun from nothing more than a simple idea and each has had service at the heart of it. Online since 2004, Nicola has mastered online program, private client offerings, intensives, groups, technology, enrollment conversations and yet has the ability to simplify the wealth of information out there to help you focus on just the next steps for YOUR business.

how do I apply?

Your investment in Business Breakthrough is £5,000.

A non-returnable deposit of £1,500 is required to reserve your spot if you are offered a place, then the remaining payments are spread over the six months of the program.

Here’s the Business Breakthrough application process.


You can set yourself up as a coach or practitioner with your own website, prices and coaching arrangements. Go find more clients – after all you will have a wealth of experience by the time you certify. PLUS you’ll be on the Little Peace of Mind website as a recommended coach – our clients will be sent to this list when they ask us for 1:1 coaching. No referral fees to pay to us – clients make all arrangements with you directly.

We’re simply grateful to have wonderful Practitioners to share with our clients.

You need to be someone whose life has been touched and changed as a result of learning the Three Principles, and experienced a profound change as a result. It’s helpful if you have experience in your own life with anxiety and stress, but not essential as long as you have compassion those struggling with this.

You must be up for a crazy packed 12 months of fun and challenge and be fully committed to every element of the training 🙂

Your successful completion of the training means you’ll be listed on our website as a recommended Little Peace of Mind Practitioner with a link to your own website for 12 months.

Following that, there will be an annual fee of £200 (plus VAT) to remain as a listed Practitioner.

You’ll need clear your diary completely for the retreats (no squeezing in work meetings between sessions!). The four coaching and mentoring calls will be 60 minutes each and you must also set aside time to re-listen to your submitted coaching call before we speak. The Q&A calls that you are invited to run are 60 minutes each and each of the 60 coaching calls will also be an hour.

Yes. This program requires a hefty time commitment!

I want to take all thinking about money off the table for you. And the clients 🙂

With that in mind, each client will be asked to donate £10 to the Hunger Project charity to be eligible for a session with you.

I don’t imagine this happening as I’m trying to make sure I bring the right people on board for this but yes. I can withdraw your Practitioner position at my discretion. If you’re an arse.  If you do anything illegal, unethical or unkind (also comes under the ‘being an arse’ category. If you are offered a place on the training you’ll be sent a contract that explains what ‘being an arse’ is in fancy legal terms. If any of these situations arise, of course we’ll talk about it first, but my decision as to whether you can continue as a Practitioner will be final.

Ooooooh, I sound very strict! Seriously, I want my Practitioners to be world-class and operate based on love and understanding. Do that and we should be OK.

No problem, email me at [email protected].

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll explain your options 🙂