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Thank you so much for buying a copy of A Little Peace of Mind – I hope you enjoyed reading it and it brought you a fresh perspective.

Below you’ll find the additional resources outlined in the book and while you’re here make sure to leave your details below so I can send you four ‘What’s Not In the Book’ videos to support your learning.


danielle's story

“I think it’s important that I lay out just how bad because I know there will be people who simply can’t believe yet, that they will be able to be ‘normal’ ever again.

I had a complete nervous breakdown, the 3rd in my life, I couldn’t leave my room, I didn’t sleep at all for 3 weeks, I dropped down to 6st 11 (43kg) I couldn’t bath, wash or brush my teeth because I couldn’t be alone for that long. I couldn’t sit down so I paced around in a small circle for about 10 hours a day…My partner had to be with me 24 hours a day, giving up his whole life to take care of me & my two children.

Coming into the Little Peace of Mind program did something I’ve never experienced before. “

Here’s Danielle’s story.

heidi's story

Heidi went from having an ordinary life to waking up one night sweating and anxious. This grew into huge moods swings, periods of anxiety and mania culminating in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She came to me for some private coaching, but it was a few weeks before she could find a date that would work for both of us so in the meantime she began the Little Peace of Mind 12 Week Program. There she heard something completely different and when she showed up to our first coaching call and told me: “I no longer consider myself to have a diagnosis of anxiety or bipolar.” What on earth happened in those few short weeks? I invited Heidi to create this podcast with me to share her story.

james' story

In this episode, James and I share his story. James’ anxiety was caused by the traffic noises outside his house. Or so he thought.

Then he saw that the thing that he thought was causing his anxiety wasn’t. This is the story of what happened after that life-changing insight….


gemma's story

“I need my panic attacks to go and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be able to take my kids on holiday this year and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be able to stop washing my hands obsessively and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need my boyfriend to want to live with me and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need to be a stone lighter and THEN I’ll be happy.”

“I need a husband/kids/new house and THEN I’ll be happy.”

What if none of that was true?

maryse's story

Maryse used to experience symptoms of dizziness and extreme early morning anxiety.

She would get better then fall back into her symptoms. Over and over again.

She shares how she believed herself to have triggers that had to be avoided and the one question she asked herself all the way through our program that makes her so very coachable!

Today she shares her doubts along the journey, the insights she received and how this understanding has put solid ground under her feet and expanded her comfort zone without her having to do a thing.