Here’s what to do next… 


Thank you for letting us know you want to take us up on the offer of five private coaching sessions – and supporting The Hunger Project at the same time!

Currently there ARE still spots remaining but please act quickly to secure one of the remaining slots.

Here’s what to do now:

1. Check the availability of the coach schedules below to see which have the time slots that are most convenient for you.

We have deliberately not shared personal details about each coach (they are all lovely warm individuals!) to make sure that slots are allocated evenly between coaches. Trust you’ll be guided to pick the perfect one for you.

2. Click here to make your donation of £50 to the Hunger Project and make a note of the number on your receipt. Please add your name and email when donating.

3. Come straight back to this page and book your 5 sessions – all of these must be with the same practitioner and you must book all 5 today.

4. Show up to your sessions and enjoy!

Any questions, please just email Terri at [email protected]