Hi, my name is Nicola Bird. In 2017, I created a brand new Three-Principles based business where I helped clients find freedom from panic attacks, anxiety and stress.

In the course of that year I built a brand new website that has attracted 325,000 views, a highly-targeted mailing list of 15,000 people from all over the world using Facebook Advertising, launched a podcast that has so far received 50,000 downloads, a Facebook Page with 10,000 fans and a maintained a Twitter following of 22,000. I have coached around 800 clients both through online programs and individual coaching and created over £100,000.

Not bad for a brand new business!

In 2018 I plan 5 x my three-principles based business. Want to follow along and see behind the scenes as I do it? The highs, the lows, the celebrations, the snot and tears, the how-tos and how my understanding of the Principles helps me. Each Friday, I’ll record a video for you sharing exactly what I’ve been up to that week to grow my business. I’ll share what I did and what I learned. Both on a practical and ‘between the ears’ level.  Not so you can copy, just to you can see what it really takes to grow a business that transforms people’s lives. Of course, there’s a Facebook Group too so you can post all your business-related questions for me.

Why would you care what I’ve been up to? Well it’s part car-crash TV as I f*ck up time and time again (!), you’ll probably pick up some really practical tips and my hope is to inspire you about what’s possible for you and your business. I’m really honest, I won’t hold anything back and I think we could have some fun together!

I’m also going to include a short (under 5 minute) video tutorial each week on topics such as:


=> how to test any business idea you have in under an hour
=> how I got the facebook post you just clicked on to show up right under your nose today (!)

=> how to write a sales page that converts
=> how to create images for your blog post that look beautiful when people share them on Facebook
=> how to create a webinar that has people sign up for it (I have over 1300 booked for the webinar I’m running this week to let people know about my upcoming program)

This is an experiment and as such it’s just £29 a month for as long as you like. If enough people are interested, I’ll create the first video next Friday. If not, I’ll simply refund you, cancel your subscription and carry on creating in private! So don’t delay – sign up today.


PS Please only sign up if you have a Three-Principles understanding that you bring to your work, whatever that work might be. It’s you guys that I’m passionate about helping to grow your businesses.