A Quiet Mind

26-28 November 2018


A deeper sense of peace

Nicola Bird and John El-Mokadem invite you to spend three days looking deeper into what it means to live from a quiet mind.

During the retreat we’ll look at where peace of mind really comes from, what gets in the way of it and how to live from a quieter mind more of the time.

Chances are you’ve already had a glimpse of this beautiful feeling. It’s likely that you’ve experienced times where your anxious thinking has dissolved away and you just know this conversation has contributed to a sense of well-being you had forgotten even existed for you.

That feeling. That’s what we’ll be exploring more over these three days.


Nicola Bird

Nicola has transformed her own relationship with anxiety thanks to the understanding she teaches here at A Little Peace of Mind.

“The fastest way to overcome anxiety is to learn to live in peace. And the fastest way to learn to live in peace is to understand the Three Principles more deeply.” Bill Petit.

This is the foundation behind all of the work Nicola now does and she has helped over 600 clients learn how to do just that.


John El-Mokadem


John El-Mokadem of Breakthrough That is a leading Breakthrough Coach based in the UK. 

He has spent the last 14 years working with clients and some of the top success and performance coaches in the world, studying and exploring what enables us to really be at our best. 

The transformations John witnesses through his coaching are often life changing and John feels truly privileged to serve clients in the way he does.  But perhaps more importantly, underneath the labels, John is just a human being, like you, who has suffered like all of us do.  He mostly see his struggles as a gift these days. An opportunity to open up and understand more about what this life is and to share what he has learned to help others to live happier lives and create their own breakthroughs. 



What’s on offer?



When you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, peace seems like it’s as far away as anything can be.

We’ll explore where peace of mind resides and how to live from that place more of the time.



The event itself will be quiet. No panicky ‘fix me!!’ conversations: think of it as a spa for the mind.

This is a small group of people all looking to explore the principles in a space of calm and gentle conversation.



 Relief from anxiety seems like the ultimate prize but there’s so much more than that on offer.

As we live in a quiet mind more of the time, what fills us up is a deep sense of joy, love and contentment. 


Join us to explore a quiet mind

what’s the big deal? 

 Recently Nicola attended a training course where she was asked ‘What would a miracle look like in your life right now?’

Immediately lots of ideas sprung into her mind – to be able to travel to India, to take A Little Peace of Mind into the mainstream, to generate a greater income, to spend more time with her kids etc etc. For you it might be to go to supermarket, sort that health complaint or say yes to any and every party invitation without a second thought.

But then Nicola realised her answer was ‘to find the ‘off’ switch’. Because in a quieter mind, not only do a whole heap these things no longer look neccessary in order to experience wellbeing, but actually creating the ones you truly want to becomes a whole lot easier.

In short cultivating a relationship with a quieter mind not only dissolves anxiety but is the foundational step to creating a life of productivity, ease, simplicity and grace in every area of our lives.

“Honestly I am still really wowed by the whole time spent with you and John and everyone on the course!! I just thought it was really amazing how all those amazing people just ended up coming at the exact right time for the retreat. Just such an amazing experience spending those three days with you. I know I’ve just said amazing a lot! But I really thought it was.”

Previous attendee

where and when? 

A Quiet Mind will be held in John’s home in Tunbridge Wells in November and we can provide details of nearby hotels for you to organise accommodation.

We start at 9.30am on Monday 26th November and finish at 3pm on Wednesday 28th.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants in order to keep the group intimate and the conversation rich.

Each participant will also receive a follow-up coaching call following the event.

Your investment is £750.


Join us to explore a quiet mind

Still Not Sure?


Please book a 30 minute slot into my diary so that I can answer any questions you might have – please note these calls are specifically to talk about the retreat.

Alternatively, please email me at nicola@alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk