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7 Day 


A simple introductory program to completely transform your relationship with anxiety, panic attacks and stress.


A simple solution to anxiety


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What do you get?


7 Simple Mini-Masterclasses


Each day you’ll receive a new audio from me sharing the simple principles to help you transform your experience with anxiety.



A Community


You’re not alone. We have a private Facebook Group with people who are all looking to learn more about their mental health.


Simple to Use


We know you’re probably not a techy person so we’ve made the training as easy as possible to listen to on phone, ipad or computer.




“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” – Syd Banks





My name is Nicola Bird and I’ve been where you’re at.

I know how it feels to experience that racing heart, the sweaty palms and worry about things ten days before they’re due to take place.

I lived with those feelings on and off for over twenty years – but then I stumbled across a simple understanding that changed everything.

I shifted my career to train in this field and today I teach my clients what made such a profound difference to me.

(Oh, and I have a very cute dog as you can see.)




Past Clients



“I’ve found this to be a safe space to discuss my issues of anxiety that I’ve never spoken to anyone about before, ever. And not only has the program been helpful from the very start, the lightness and compassion within which it is shared has had a huge impact on me and my understanding and has led to profound insights since beginning this program. I am truly grateful for coming across this program x




Nicola, something is changing! I can’t get my head round this but I’ve driven over 100 miles up the motorway today, overtaking lorries all the way. First one was a bit wobbly, but after that I settled and was fine. I don’t think I’ve done anything other than a bit of letting the thought pass. I’m so happy to have been able to do this today.