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Freedom from Anxiety and Panic Attacks 


Chances are you’ve heard something in the work that I do here at A Little Peace of Mind that’s resonated with you.

And you just know there’s something here for you that’s helpful.

The Little Peace of Mind 30 Day Program has been created just for you.

An intensive, immersive, affordable program that you can start today.

Say goodbye to panic attacks, anxiety and stress.

Say hello to peace of mind.


Here’s What You Get… 





– 22 Mini-Masterclasses-

Starting as soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a new Mini-Masterclass from me every day as we go step by step through the Little Peace of Mind 30 Day Program. 

Every five days there are two days free to reflect, catch up on any modules you’ve missed and absorb the material.

These are delivered in our easy-to-use portal so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part.

Each week-day morning you’ll receive an email from me with the link to that day’s module.

Simply watch, listen and reflect.

Here are just some of the modules you’ll receive.


How Anxiety Really Works  – the deep dive

The Projector vs the Camera

Being Safe

Ditch the Control Freak – Part One

It Only Works One Way

“I just want it gone.”

Back to Basics – a fresh look at the Principles


The Fundamental Gamechanger

What Does Progress Look Like?

Ditch the Control Freak – Part Two

You Can’t Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Want

A Deeper Conversation


– Q&A Calls-

Also included are three hours of pre-recorded Q&A calls so you can hear me answer the questions I know you’ll be asking as you move through the program.




– Facebook Group-

This is your chance to see you’re not alone. Here’s where you get the support of others who totally understand how you feel, but more importantly, are all looking in the direction of health and well-being.

You can get additional support here from our team and the other members of the group, ask your questions and share your insights.




– You have 2 options to join-

The 30 Day Little Peace of Mind Program is usually £197.

But not for these three days as it’s our birthday!










You have 2 options to join the program:

1. A one-off payment of £97 which gives you lifetime access to all Modules and our Little Peace of Mind Facebook Group. Yours to keep forever.


2. Joining out Deeper Peace of Mind monthly membership and access the same content plus a whole load more for just £29 a month and have access to everything for as long as you’re a member. More like a library for you to use as long as you need to.


30 Day Program Only

One off Payment - Lifetime Access
  •  Self-study plus Facebook Group support

  • 22 Mini-Masterclasses

  • Includes 3 pre-recorded Q&A Calls

  • Little Peace of Mind Private Facebook Group

  • Yours to keep forever

  •  + VAT (if in the EU)

A Deeper Peace of Mind

Access as long as a member
  • Interactive program with live support

  • 22 Mini-Masterclasses

  •  Includes 3 pre-recorded Q&A Calls

  •  Lifetime Access to The Little Peace of Mind Private Facebook Group

  •  Live Weekly Q&A Calls – ask your questions and get them answered

  •  Access to The Library – a resource of videos and audios to dip into as required

  •  Monthly Advanced Track Masterclasses – a continuation of the 30 Day training

  •  Monthly Advanced Deep Dive live Q&A Calls – 90 minutes of deeper exploration of the principles behind this understanding

  •  Monthly Book Recommendations

  •  Invitation to the Deeper Peace of Mind Facebook Group

  • Invitation to join our core 12 Week Program – we run this 2 – 3 times a year live and you can join as many times as you like – you’ll hear something new and different each time

  • Access to everything for as long as you’re a member

  • Cancel at any time 

  • + VAT (if in the EU)




– FAQs-

How do I know this will work?

 Good question, especially as my guess is you’ve tried everything else you can find to shift this problem.

Here’s my answer. If you’ find yourself drawn to this page, it’s already ‘working’ 🙂 You’ve heard something inside you that is pulling you towards health. The aim of this program is to continue that journey – through the facilitation of your own insights.

Can we guarantee you’ll get the insight you want during the next 30 days?


Will being in this conversation considerably tilt the odds in your favour.


And here’s my promise to you. If you decide to join either program and at the end of the 30 days you’re not completely happy that you did, I will refund you 100%.


What is £97 in my currency?

Google is the best place to go to ask this question as it will give you the most up to date information. Your bank may charge you a slightly different conversion rate depending on how they process overseas transactions.

How long do I have to work through the program?


You’ll have a new module sent you to every weekday. Each is between 5 minutes and an hour long so you’ll probably want to set some time aside each day for the next month to make the most of the program.

Please note: If you buy the one-off-payment 30 Day ProgramYou’ll have lifetime access to the program so you can watch a class each weekday, or go at a slower pace if you prefer. If you join the Deeper Peace of Mind membership, you’ll have access for as long as you’re a member.


I'm overseas - will this work for me?

The program is delivered completely online to suit our clients from all around the world. You’ll receive an email each week day morning with the module for that day. You can watch at any point at a time that suits you, and access the Facebook Group 24/7 to post your insights and questions.


What's your professional background?

I have a BSC in Psychology and an MSC in Occupational Psychology.

I’m a trained Advanced Transformational Coach and have been coaching individuals for over eleven years.

But I believe what’s more relevant is I’ve been where you’re at. And I’m 100% through the other side.

It’s this combination that I believe makes what I have to offer you unique and valuable.

How is this different from anything I've already tried?

Everything else I’ve personally come across in this field is an attempt to help us deal with our anxious thinking.

As long as we keep tapping, saying our affirmations, doing the scary stuff anyway or meditating, we can hold the anxiety at bay.

That is exhausting.

And impossible.

What I do is different in that I point you in a direction upstream of your anxious thinking. To what’s actually causing it.

Understand and resolve that and bam! No techniques required.

I promise you there is ALWAYS less to do than you think.

Which should come as a relief – you control freak! ( said with love as a recovered one)

I still have questions
No problem! Just click here to contact me and ask away – I’m always happy to hear from you.



A Deeper Peace of Mind FAQs


How long do I have to stay a member?


 You can stay as long as you like! You might just join for the first month so that you can access the 30 Day Program plus the live Q&A calls and all the library resources for just £29 – I hope you decide to stay around for longer!


How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy! You can cancel yourself with one-click inside your portal any time you choose, or just email me and I’ll do it for you.

What happens if I cancel?

 You’ll always have access to our Little Peace of Mind Private Facebook Group.

If you cancel your Deeper Peace of Mind membership you’ll lose access to everthing else that is part of the membership. We also won’t be able to invite you along free of charge to the 12 Week Little Peace of Mind Program – and that would be very sad!



This looks a little overwhelming!


You’ll find you have plenty to be getting on with as you go through your 30 Day Program modules and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed. 

So to start with you’ll just have those modules plus the live Q&A calls and access to the resource library.

Only when you’ve finished the 30 Day Program will we start sending you Advanced Track Masterclasses and invitations to those Deep Dive Q&A calls – because you’ll be ready for them by then.


Here’s what Clare had to say about the 30 Day Program



I just wanted to keep watching as I could not believe how every single word was changing my life little piece by little piece.

I've just gone back and listened to module one and cried, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I'm so excited to hear the rest I can hardly wait.

I've been struggling with anxiety for over 20 years so to find this when I had got to the stage where I was wishing myself dead every day is absolutely incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!'


And Others….

Sandra's anxiety was all around going to shops, to other busy places and just seeing other people.

James experienced chronic and severe anxiety which he thought was a result of the traffic noise outside of his house.

Emma felt extremely uncomfortable leaving her house, hard when you have 2 small children.

After a life time of anxiety  (I'm now 46) I feel I hit a peak last year where I knew if I didn't find someway of getting better then I really was looking a t a terminal condition. I tried so many techniques, but all of them wore me out - when you said in week one that there was nothing I really had to do I nearly cried with relief!

I have been so tired of trying to control this thing. Who knew that just relinquishing control could make such a difference. My anxiety was triggered by world events - when I get I'll I check the news up to fifty times an hour.

This trigger will hopefully explain to you why 2016 ended up being so bloody awful for me (it was a pretty shit year for ' normal' folk!) However, now as the world is apparently still going bonkers, I am alright. I check the news, and keep myself informed like a normal person .

When I do see an alarming headline, which would have previously sent me into panic and despair, I am able to think ' It's all ok.

I cannot tell you how wonderful this is! Just like you I am grateful for the horrors of my anxiety because I am really appreciating how amazing normal feels! I have come this far in just five of your sessions! I am so excited about what is to come!!

Thank you xxx


Nicola, something is changing! I can't get my head round this but I've driven over 100 miles up the motorway today, overtaking lorries all the way. First one was a bit wobbly, but after that I settled and was fine. I don't think I've done anything other than a bit of letting the thought pass. I'm so happy to have been able to do this today.


This is your own journey so you will travel at your own speed. You will choose different stops as you go and may reach your destination sooner or later than others but it is not a race.

I have achieved more toward freedom in this programme than I have with medication, counselling, CBT, and many other forms of treatment and though I haven't stopped my medication or other treatment they have become less important.

I've had a year of being "self restricted" to my house and crippled with depression and anxiety.

Being part of this conversation enabled me to leave my house alone at only week 6 of the programe. I did it again at week 7.

Now I'm at week 8 and understand so much more about my own anxiety and I see little glimmers of me that give me hope. I recommend an open mind and stick with the programme even if you don't get it.....you will.


I joined this program knowing I was being led by my anxieties in life and not experiencing freedom of choice. What Nicola showed me was how I was missing a piece of understanding, so simple and yet so profound. It has been a wonder filled journey and it was a sheer relief to be guided along the way in such an easygoing manner with no judgement whatsoever. I would recommend this program to anybody wanting a deeper understanding of how every human being experiences life and how to enjoy the ride of life along the way! A heartfelt thank you to Nicola 


So this morning an amazing thing happened.

I had to get to St Pancras station and I agreed to 'try' to go on the tube - Victoria line from Vauxhall.

7 stops deep underground.

A few brief moments of discomfort but no panic.

Can't believe it. 6 weeks ago I wouldn't have entertained the idea.

Thank you so much Nicola you really have changed my life x


Just wanted to share positive results after week 1!!

I've had anxiety for the past 5 years resulting from a health issue that has now gone but left me fearful. This is very restricting . I fear going out far from home, trains, planes, busy places, work ( feel stuck until 5pm, what if I feel panic and can't leave) and my worst fear is night time.

This means, I don't go out at night. I only work part time. I don't travel far and when I leave the house I have to have all kind of pills on me incase I feel unwell. Always need water and a portable phone charger.

THIS IS amazing... I watched the first video. Felt like something clicked. Went to London a few days later to visit friends for the weekend. No anxiety on the train, no anxiety walking around London. I felt so good I asked my friend if we could go to the pub in the eve. I was amazed. Felt like I was in the moment and didn't think. Or at least... I didn't pay too much attention to my thoughts. Thanks, I hope things will stay like this