A Little Peace of Mind

Advanced Practitioner Program

If you’re already trained as a Three Principles coach or Practitioner but aren’t working with as many clients as much as you’d like to be – it could be for one of these reasons:

1. You know that if you could do more coaching hours, your own grounding and impact would deepen, but you just don’t seem to have enough clients to start with so you’re stuck in a vicious circle

2. You have been coaching plenty of people since completing your initial training, but you know you’re holding back in case you have to coach people with ‘real’ problems. OCD, eating disorders, acute panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, for example? 

3. You’re a great coach but you have no idea how to grow an actual business!

The Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner has been designed specifically for you if you’re a  coach who has completed your initial training and now wants to get in over your head, deepen your grounding and get a whole load of coaching experience with clients that are provided for you, AND build your own business in a totally safe environment with a whole heap of personal support and mentoring.

The comprehensive six-month Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner Training Program is completely unique due its intimate nature, personal coaching and support and provided-for-you practice clients to help you build your confidence and experience.

it’s also a fantastic way opportunity to generate future client referrals – all our successful Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Graduates will be listed on our website as our recommended providers of 1:1 coaching.


The Training


The Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner training is a completely 1:1 program – the components remain the same for each student, but what we cover will be tailored to your specific needs.

We’ll have two private intensives, spread over three days each, both held online (unless current circumstances change to mean we can meet in person). The first will kick off our six months together, and the second will take place after three months.

1. The Deep Dive Intensive

This kicks off our 6 month journey together. Here we’ll explore areas such as:

=> Deepening your own grounding in this understanding – the degree to which you live in peace and wellbeing is the degree to which you’ll be able to support others to do the same

=> Getting clear on how fear and insecurity lie behind nearly every client ‘problem’ that you’ll be faced with in your coaching career

=> Getting incredibly practical with mentoring specifically designed to grow your coaching practice

2. The Advanced Intensive:

This intensive will be custom-built around your particular needs at this stage in the program but will likely include

=> Dealing with those ‘challenging’ clients – what to do when you don’t know what to do

=> Building your own coaching practice – what does it really take and practical steps

=> A chance to bring examples of your own work for discussion for a fresh perspective

=> Alternatively, we may decide to dedicate this time instead to running a practical intensive of your own with a client – with my real-time supervision and support.

The Experience


sThere’s no better way to learn more about what it means develop your skills as a Practitioner than by diving right in and doing the work itself, all with my support.

1:1 Coaching:

As part of your training, you’ll be expected to complete 60 hours of coaching over the six months of the program, the majority of which will be with current Little Peace of Mind clients provided to you.

(Don’t worry, we’ll make it very clear to them that you’re in training!)

Client Q&A Calls:

You’ll have the opportunity to run one of our weekly client Q&A calls with one of my coaches, and possibly to do at least one solo. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with yet another format you may wish to consider offering as part of your future coaching offerings.

Facebook Supporter:

If you’d like to, you can also join our team of Community Managers in our Facebook Group for the six months of the program. This gives you experience of yet another way to interact with clients and you can learn how effective (or not sometimes!) this form of support can be.

The Support


A little about me…

I am a Master Transformative Coach, have hundreds (if not thousands!) of coaching hours under my belt, served as a member of faculty on Supercoach Academy, created an organisation that has helped over 100,000 people with anxiety and stress and published my book with Hay House.

I share that with you to let you know – I know what it’s like to start training as a coach in this understanding and I’ve personally seen the value of high-quality mentoring and practical experience in developing my work and impact. I have particularly enjoyed mentoring others through this same journey and I love to see students transform both personally and professionally as they embark on this journey.

With that in mind, there is also plenty of additional 1:1 support throughout the program.

Personal Coaching Calls: In these four calls (every month when you don’t have an intensive), you’ll get together with me on zoom to take at look at your own personal grounding and understanding. Every client that comes to you, and every conversation you have with them will be impacted only and always by your current level of understanding. That understanding is what we’ll explore together in the context of YOUR life during these sessions.

Mentoring Calls: You’ll also have four calls where, you’ll submit one of your client calls for review and we’ll use that call as a basis for developing your work. Personally, I continue to invest in this kind of support for my own client work – I find it invaluable in terms of client impact and results.

Please note: all 1:1 sessions with me will take place between the hours of 9am and 3pm UK time.

What’s In It For You?


propel your career path forwards

You’ll be one of the first certified Advanced Little Peace of Mind Practitioners!
After you graduate, you’ll be listed on our website as a recommended resource for all our future clients – a great way to build your own coaching practice.


a way to pass it forward

No doubt, you’re so grateful for the difference this understanding has made to your life and you know you want to to pass it onto others. This is your chance to do so.



a chance to build relationships

Delivering 60 coaching hours to clients and all the other practical experience in the program gives you a unique opportunity to build relationships with potential future clients that may decide to hire you as their coach once you graduate.

be comfortable with a variety of formats

 By the end of the 6 months, you will have conducted 60 one-to-one coaching calls, at least one group coaching call, a mini-intensive and possibly Facebook support – all with my support.

This is a great opportunity to find out what formats you’d love to include in your future work.



be part of the ALPOM inner circle

Working so closely together for 6 months means you get to see behind the scenes of how a successful coaching business operates and how the Principles-based understanding influences how a coaching practice grows in a very real and practical way.

let us shout about you

We’ll let our current clients know all about you, add your profile to our website, record a podcast episode with you and shout about you in the newsletter.

Whereas most coaches start from scratch building their client base, you’ll be off to a flying start.

Your Investment


Your total investment in the Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner Program is £7,500.

A non-returnable deposit of £1,500 is required to reserve your spot, then the remaining payments are spread over the following 5 months.

This includes:

  • One-to-one training and support so you know you will have my personal attention
  • The two private intensives
  • Four personal coaching calls with me
  • Four mentoring calls with me
  • Invitation to Little Peace of Mind clients to book you for your practice sessions
  • Listing on the Little Peace of Mind website as a Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner after successful graduation
  • Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner Badge to add to your website after successful graduatio

    Ready to Apply?

    Because of the time commitment, I only take on a very small number of people to work with in this way, so with that in mind, if you’ve read through all the details above, and are happy with the investment in time and finances involved, I’d like to invite you to apply for the program.

    Please leave your details below to be sent details of how to apply. Applications are currently open and will be considered in the order in which they arrive.




    What's the plan after I complete the training?

    You can set yourself up as a coach or practitioner with your own website, prices and coaching arrangements. Go find more clients – after all you will have a wealth of experience by the time you certify. PLUS you’ll be on the Little Peace of Mind website as a recommended coach – our clients will be sent to this list when they ask us for 1:1 coaching. No referral fees to pay to us – clients make all arrangements with you directly.

    We’re simply grateful to have wonderful Practitioners to share with our clients.


    Who is a good fit to apply to become an Advanced Practitioner?

    You need to have completed a Three Principles based coach/practitioner training already. (If you haven’t, then you might want to consider this option instead: https://alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk/alpompractitioner/)

    It is helpful if you have experience in your own life with anxiety and stress, but not essential as long as you have compassion those struggling with this. After all, who hasn’t struggled with insecure thought at some point??!

    You must be up for a crazy packed 6 months of fun and challenge and be fully committed to every element of the training.


    What happens after the first year?

    Your successful completion of the training means you’ll be listed on our website as a recommended Little Peace of Mind Advanced Practitioner with a link to your own website for 12 months.

    Following that, there will be an annual fee of £200 (plus VAT) to remain as a listed Practitioner.

    How much time will training as an Advanced Practitioner take?

    You’ll need to attend both intensives. The coaching and mentoring calls will be 60 minutes each and you must also set aside time to re-listen to your submitted coaching call before we speak. The Q&A calls that you are invited to run are 60 minutes each and each of the 60 coaching calls will also be an hour.

    Yes. This program requires a hefty time commitment!


    Will the practice clients be paying for the sessions with me?

    I want to take all thinking about money off the table for you. And the clients 🙂

    With that in mind, each client will be asked to donate £50 to the Hunger Project charity or The Floral Project to be eligible for five coaching sessions with you.


    Can you revoke my position as an Advanced Practitioner once I've trained?

    I don’t imagine this happening as I’m trying to make sure I bring the right people on board for this but yes. I can withdraw your Practitioner position at my discretion. If you’re an arse.  If you do anything illegal, unethical or unkind (also comes under the ‘being an arse’ category. If you are offered a place on the training you’ll be sent a contract that explains what ‘being an arse’ is in fancy legal terms. If any of these situations arise, of course we’ll talk about it first, but my decision as to whether you can continue as a Practitioner will be final.

    Ooooooh, I sound very strict! Seriously, I want my Practitioners to be world-class and operate based on love and understanding. Do that and we should be OK.


    I still have questions

    No problem, email us at hello@alittlepeaceofmind.co.uk.