A Deeper Peace of Mind

What's possible beyond anxiety?

Hi, it's Nicola here.

As you're coming to the end of the Little Peace of Mind Program, I wanted to let you know about the next steps available to you.

Chances are you fall into one of these two camps:

1. You find you just care less about your anxiety. It shows up some days, it doesn't at all on others, but it's no longer front page news. So the next question is: What's possible for you when you're no longer constrained by fear? What could you do and create in the world? If a few short weeks has made this much difference, what else could be on offer for you when you continue this exploration?

or this may be more like you:

2. You don't fall into group 1 just yet but something seems to have shifted. It's hard to put your finger on it, but you feel somehow calmer more of the time. This stuff actually seems to be working!!! You don't quite 'get it' yet, but you KNOW there's something here that's helpful. And you simply want to keep heading in this direction.

That's why I created A Deeper Peace of Mind.

A way to continue to see more.

To 'get it' more deeply.

To explore who and what we really are in more depth.

To transform.

Here's how it works.


- Access to the weekly live Little Peace of Mind Monday calls-

Many of you have let me know that there are questions that have come up for you as you've travelled through the last 30 days that you'd love to hear me answer. The self-study route is great but you'd really like to be able to join those calls you've been seeing talked about in the Facebook Group.

Well now, you don't have to miss a thing!

In A Deeper Peace of Mind, you are invited to join as many of the Monday calls as you wish to as long as you are a member – and that includes all the recordings too if you can't make them live.

These run each Monday at 3pm Eastern/8pm UK every time the Little Peace of Mind 12 Week Program takes place (3 times a year).



- New Deeper Peace of Mind Masterclasses-

You'll get instant access to a whole heap more training, both 'Advanced' and going back over the basics. These are a combination of video and audio trainings designed to help support your continuing journey and exploration into a deeper peace of mind.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll be able to dig straight into....

1. The Game of Life and Living - A Little Peace of Mind was all about the Game of Living. How we create our moment to moment experience of life, no matter WHAT is going on in our circumstances. Now we'll explore this more deeply, but also start to take a look at the Game of Life you're currently playing to see what those might look like without anxiety. Whether that's as a parent, a worker, a care-giver, business-owner or spouse.

2. How to Navigate - You're probably so used to navigating life by fear, that you've forgotten how to make decisions about what to do from any other space. This is where we get to take a fresh look at how to move forwards in life navigating from a completely different place.

3. Always Less To Do Than You Think - Part One - Here's where I get to introduce you to Dr Amy Johnson - an amazing teacher in this field. Together we created this masterclass for you so that you can see there's always less to do than you think to move through anxiety.

4. The Space - When all those piles and piles of thinking start to drop away, what's left? The answer is there's a space. A huge infinite space. What's that all about? Here's where we get to experience and understand this further.

5. Going Faster than the Speed of Life - You know sometimes you have the same insight over and over again at a deeper level each time? For it's continually seeing that every time I'm struggling, it's usually because I'm trying to go faster than the speed of life. Same for most of my clients 🙂

6. Less of Me on my Mind - Am I getting it? Am I getting it fast enough? Deep enough? How's my anxiety today? What should I do next in my life? How do I feel today? We're all prone to filling our minds with thoughts about me, me, me. What if we didn't have to do that?

7. Always Less To Do Than You Think - Part Two - Dr George Pransky is one the earliest pioneers in this field and I was lucky enough to mentor with him and his wife Linda for four months. He and I recorded this masterclass for you to give you a completely fresh perspective on the fact that this is far simpler than you might think.

8. The Only Thing we Need to See - You're going to have to wait until you get there - no plot-spoilers here....!

9. "I'm OK, what about them?" - So you're getting it. But what about that person who still treats you as if you're a person consumed with panic and anxiety? And what about that kid/husband/wife that you still worry about/ winds you up like nothing else. You're going to love this module!

10. A Perfect Life? - What does a 'perfect life' mean to you? Here we revisit the Game of Living from masterclass 1 and see just what it means to live with peace of mind, regardless of ANY circumstance. No, really.

11. Always Less To Do Than You Think - Part Three - Barb Patterson was a big fan 'if it's to be, it's up to me' and tried to control every element of her work and life. She was one of my earliest coaches in this field and I felt like I'd found my soul sister. That's why I've got to share her with you.

12. What it means to Thrive- To THRIVE. Not just to get by, not just to cope, not just to manage. But to thrive in every area of your life. This is the 'gold dust' in this whole conversation. A life of living full out and fearless. And living to your full potential.

– Raw & Uncut –

From time to time I upload recordings of ME being coached by some wonderful mentors. With the focus not being all about you, sometimes it’s just easier to hear something new. Plus you get to see that we’re all human and we all get caught up – such a relief to find out we’re all the same!

- Deep Dive Q&A Call -

On Tuesday 9th April at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK, we'll get together on zoom for a Deep Dive Call.

These calls are perfect if you find yourself now 'bored' of discussing anxiety! Here I'll share what I'm seeing that's new for me and open up for questions about any of the Deeper Peace of Mind modules.


- A Deeper Peace of Mind Facebook Group-

We’ll move you into a new private Facebook group as you’re now at a more ‘advanced’ stage in your journey. You can see the fear and worries of the new members of A Little Peace of Mind and you can just feel you’re a million miles from that place. Of course you get to keep your access to that group, but in the Deeper Peace of Mind Facebook Group, you’ll be able to engage in conversation at a deeper level.

This is where I’ll post our monthly Mini-Masterclass and book recommendation so we can keep the discussion relevant and alive.

You KNOW which direction you’re looking in, and you  want to hang out with others who do too. You’ll have access to the Group as long as you’re a member of A Deeper Peace of Mind.


- LightHearted Parents -

In this series of videos and audios, you'll see how to bring out the best in your children and in your role as a parent. And even if you're not a parent - the training will help you see all of your relationships in a fresh light.

- LightHearted Kids -

Many people have approached me asking: How do I share this understanding with my children? So I created this whole series of videos, specifically designed for ages 6-13 to help explain everything you've been learning. It's also a great beginners guide - I learned a whole heap about the basics as I was making them!

- PLUS -


Ten weeks after your Deeper Peace of Mind membership begins, the School of Un-doing will be made available to you. In this we explore deeply into the nature of who we truly are and the peace, love and freedom that are experienced as a result of that exploration.

Why do I ask you to wait 10 weeks - because this is a truly mind-blowing conversation and I'd like you to take time to absorb all the other parts of the Deeper Peace of Mind membership first.

The next 12 week term of the School of Un-doing starts w/c 29th April and we'll be taking a look at the areas of doing, lightness and space, together with my co-facilitator for the Summer Term, Clare Dimond.

Each course contains 12 videos, 12 WTF (!) videos from leading teachers in this field and 12 Q&A calls which will take place starting Tuesday 7th May at 4pm Eastern/ 9pm UK.

Once this part of the membership becomes available to you, you'll be asked to choose between the Little Peace of Mind track (Monday night calls) or the School of Undoing Track (Modules and Tuesday night calls) at the start of each term.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride! But to my mind, one of the most beautiful conversations I've ever had the joy to be involved in.


Un-doing the idea that what we do has anything to do with our happiness.

Result?  Freedom from having to work out what to do next.

Un-doing the idea that life should be taken seriously.

Result? Freedom to have a life of laughter and lightheartedness.

Undoing the idea of shrinking our worlds to be safe.

Result? Freedom from control-freakery and fear of the unknown.

Plus: The Introductory Course

As soon as you have access to this part of the membership, you’ll receive the Introductory Course that forms the foundation of our exploration.

12 modules and 12 Q&A recordings to listen to at your leisure.

Un-doing the idea that peace comes from having, being and doing more.

Result?  Freedom from having to do all that crap and free to do it all.

Un-doing the idea that love is something we have to manipulate others to get.

Result? Freedom from having to have anyone behave in any particular way.

Un-doing the idea we need to manage our experience.

Result? Freedom from trying to change or control your thoughts.

– When Does It Start?-

Straight away!

– Your Investment-

A Deeper Peace of Mind is available to you for £30 a month (Plus VAT if you’re in the EU).

However, I’m offering your first month of A Deeper Peace of Mind COMPLETELY FREE if you sign up in the next 48 hours.

(I wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to at least try it out!)

That gives you ongoing access to everything above for as long as you’re a member.

There’s no minimum commitment ever and you can cancel at any point.

But more importantly, what’s on offer here is a deeper sense of your own peace of mind.




How long do I have to stay a member?

You can stay as long as you like! 

What happens if I cancel?

 Please be aware that when you cancel, you will lose access to everything inside your Deeper Peace of Mind Portal - so that will include all past and future Masterclasses, Q&A calls, Raw and Uncut modules, and the Deeper Peace of Mind Facebook Group.

You'll still have access to your 30 Day Program materials and our main Little Peace of Mind Facebook group - those are yours to keep.

How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy! You can cancel yourself with one-click inside your portal any time you choose, or just email me and I'll do it for you.

How much is this in USD?

Here's a link to the current exchange rate.

Please note, your bank may charge a slightly different rate.