A Deeper Peace of Mind


Hi, it’s Nicola here.

If you feel you’d like additional ongoing support and guidance on your journey through anxiety, then A Deeper Peace of Mind (DPoM as it’s known) has been designed for you.

Simple. Affordable. Continuing the conversation.

Here’s how it works… 



During your 30 Day Program


Weekly Q&A Calls

 Each Monday at 8pm UK, you’ll be able to join our live Q&A Calls. These run for 36 weeks of the year and are your chance to ask questions, share insights and hear others being coached. Or you can just sit quietly and listen. 

Each are recorded if you can’t make them live. These are an excellent complement to your 30 Day Program.

The Library

This is a library of past Q&A calls, all simply summarised so you can get your hands on the answer to any question you have.

Chances are, any question you have has already been asked and answered on one of these calls and you’ll have access to all of them for as long as you’re a member.

Log in and take a sneaky peak here.


Following your 30 Day Program


Advanced Track Masterclasses

At the end of your 30 Day Program, you’ll graduate automatically to a whole new set of Advanced Masterclasses, designed to take your learning to the next level.

We deliberately slow the pace and these are delivered to you on the 1st of each month. 

Book Recommendations

There are some key teachers and books that have influenced me tremendously on my journey.

Each month I’ll recommend a specific book that you can read and discuss with me and the rest of the DPoM members in our private Facebook Group.


Monthly Deep Dive Calls

 Once you’ve started the Advanced Track Masterclasess, on the first Tuesday of each month at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK, we’ll get together on zoom for a DPoM Deep Dive Call.

These will last up to 90 minutes so we’ll have plenty of time to answer your questions and enjoy a deeper level of conversation.

Advanced Track Facebook Group

After you graduate from the 30 Day Program, you’ll be invited to our DPoM Private Facebook Group. Our main Facebook Group can be a little ‘noisy’ as people are usually coming to this conversation in a high state of anxiety and worry.

By the end of the 30 Days, you’ll be more interested in a whole different set of ideas than the ones that are currently front of mind, and you’ll find this DPoM Facebook Group a whole lot quieter.

All year long

Access to our live 12 Week Program

 All our GPoM Members are invited to join our 12 Week Program every time it runs live (2-3 times a year) as part of their membership.

(value £297)

This program contains the same core training as your 30 Day Program but delivered more slowly with the whole group going through the program together, coupled with the live Monday Q&A calls.

Our members love knowing they’ll have the opportunity to go back to the basics over and over again as there’s always more to learn and see as we embed this new way of being in the world more and more deeply.

Your Investment 


A Greater Peace of Mind is just £29 a month (+ VAT if you’re in the EU) and you can stay as long as you like.

**Note, please make sure you are logged into your portal as this is only available to current 30 Day Members**


How long do I have to stay a member?

 You can stay as long as you like! You might just join for the first month so that you can access the live Q&A calls and past recordings alongside your 30 Day Program for just £29 – I hope you decide to stay around for longer!

How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy! You can cancel yourself with one-click inside your portal any time you choose, or just email me and I’ll do it for you.

Isn't my 30 Day Program enough?

 Sure! Many people complete the 30 Day Program, graduate and off they go.

However DPoM grew from a desire of our current clients to stay connected, keep learning and continue to see their lives get simpler and more enjoyable in every area, plus they found the support of the weekly Q&A calls invaluable.

This looks a little overwhelming!

You’ll find you have plenty to be getting on with as you go through your 30 Day Program modules and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed. 

So to start with you’ll just have those modules plus the live Q&A calls and access to the resource library.

Only when you’ve finished the 30 Day Program will we start sending you Advanced Track Masterclasses and invitations to those Deep Dive Q&A calls – because you’ll be ready for them by then.

How much is this in USD?

Here’s a link to the current exchange rate.

Please note, your bank may charge a slightly different rate.

What happens if I cancel?

You’ll always have lifetime access to your 30 Day Program and our Little Peace of Mind Private Facebook Group.

If you cancel your Deeper Peace of Mind membership you’ll lose access to everthing else that is part of the membership. We also won’t be able to invite you along free of charge to the 12 Week Little Peace of Mind Program – and that would be very sad!