Teaching our Kids to Thrive




Happiness, Confidence and Resilience 

– for you and your kids-


We were all born to Thrive


There is a simple yet profound understanding about what makes humans tick that has the potential to transform every element of having a child, and being one.

What if you, as a parent, could learn how to transform your parenting from shouting, threatening and nagging to a relationship with your child where none of that was required?

What if your kids could learn the same fundamental principles in a way that made sense to them at the same time and helped them become happy, resilient, thriving children?



Imagine a family where both you and your kids knew where true happiness really came from and were able to tap into that whenever required? Do you think your house would be a little calmer??! 


Our children have an unlimited potential for thriving and success. When we talk and engage with that part of our kids, get what we get? A child who can flourish in any circumstance – whatever life may throw at them.


How about if you truly saw how completely unbreakable your kids are? If you could see how they (and you) are naturally designed to bounce back. Would that change how you handled the latest upset at school?


Our Mission

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Six Weeks to Transform your Family



Each program comes with modules designed specifically for the age of your children complemented with some parenting modules just for you.



6-10 years old

Starts Wednesday 6th June





10-13 years old

Starts Wednesday 6th June




Peaceful Parenting

Starts Wednesday 6th June