Thriving Teens



Happiness, Confidence and Resilience 

– for you and your kids aged 13-16 years-


We were all born to Thrive


There is a simple yet profound understanding about what makes humans tick that has the potential to transform every element of having a teenager, and being one.

Ages 13-16 can be tricky years to navigate  – exams and career decisions, the rollercoaster of hormones, being unable to communicate with anything other than a grunt, constantly being plugged into their devices, feeling a lack of confidence and self-doubt are all common experiences.

What if you, as a parent, could learn how to transform your parenting from shouting, threatening and nagging to a relationship with your teenager where none of that was required?

What if your kids could learn the same fundamental principles in a way that made sense to them at the same time and helped them become happy, resilient, thriving young adults?



Imagine a family where both you and your kids knew where true happiness really came from and were able to tap into that whenever required? Do you think your house would be a little calmer??! 



Our children have an unlimited potential for thriving and success. When we talk and engage with that part of our kids, guess what we get? A child who can flourish in any circumstance – whatever life may throw at them.



How about if you truly saw how completely unbreakable your kids are? If you could see how they (and you) are naturally designed to bounce back. Would that change how you handled the latest upset at school?

For You

 Learn how to parent peacefully in a stress-free way with these six simple Masterclasses.

You’ll receive one new class each week, just simply watch, listen and reflect.


 Love & Understanding

How do you help your child thrive and flourish? It’s simple. With love and understanding. In this module we explore why that’s the case and how to have this be the foundation from which we parent.

What You See is What You Get

We’re not actually dealing with an angry, anxious or highly sensitive child. Instead we can only every experience our child through our own state of mind. Understanding this changes everything about how we parent.

Who They Really Are

On a day-to-day basis we tend to interact with our child’s behaviours and personalities. But what if they were more than just that? Seeing who your kids really are allows you to bring out the very best in them.


Why They Behave Like They Do

Is it hormones? Is it moving to a new school? Falling out with their friends? What they’re eating (or not!) or pressure at school that’s behind their difficult behaviour? In this module we take a fresh look at what’s really going on.


Discipline and Conflict

It’s tiring trying to ‘manage’ behaviour all the time, trying to get them to come of their phones and shouting all the time and quite frankly, it just doesn’t feel good. So what’s the alternative? Here’s where we’ll explore just this.

Helping Them Thrive

The more we understand about how human beings work for ourselves, the more able we become as parents. Our children have unlimited potential to thrive and succeed and in this module we’ll look at how to unlock this.


 In addition, you can also decide to receive the Modules below as we send them to your child each week. These have been designed to share these same principles with your children in a way that makes sense to them, given their age. Your child will also receive their own personal log-in details and podcast link – might as well put those devices to good use!




There will also be a private Facebook Group where you can connect with other parents all looking in the same direction. You can post questions there and I will answer them in a weekly Facebook Live broadcast that you can join live, or watch at your leisure.




For Them

 Six modules focussing on core themes, each of which are broken down into bitesize chunks. Based on the established SPARK curriculum*, these will be delivered directly to you each week, and directly to your child as well if you wish. 


 The Power of Thought

Understanding the principles behind how all human beings really work makes a huge difference to how we can navigate life more easily. You’ll get familiar with the spark that lies within each and every person and how to use that to make better decisions at school and at home.



 Mood Swings

When everything seems unfair, everyone’s against you and life just isn’t working the way you want it to, it’s easy to become frustrated. Here we’ll talk about how to handle mood swings and stress (without ending up in trouble!)




 Feeling Confident

Nerves can often get the better of us and we can start worrying about going to school, getting ready for tests or just hanging out with friends. Here we’ll talk about useful ways to handle that and where confidence really comes from. Hint: it’s easier to find than you might think.




 Building Relationships

If only your parents were easier to get along with! And sometimes friendships can be such hard work too. And boyfriends/girlsfriends might also bring their own dramas. What if there was a way to build strong loving relationships so you felt supported more of the time?





Are there habits you have you’d like to drop? It might be that you’d like to spend less time on social media, checking things over and over again or even smoking or drinking. Here’s how to override habits you dont want and make healthier decisions easily instead.




 Creating a life designed for YOU

We can often have thoughts that actually get in the way of us doing as well as we might be able to at school. In this final module we’ll learn how to thrive in school and take a look at how you can use everything you’ve learned to create the life that’s designed just for you.








Start Thriving

Both programs start Wednesday 11th April.

Both programs include Facebook Group access for parents.




Peaceful Parenting – £97 



Thriving Teens – £97 


Thriving Teens plus Peaceful Parenting – £147




Your Teacher


 I am a mother of three and an Advanced Transformational coach. My own life was transformed from one of anxiety and stress to one where I experience a light-heartedness and carefreeness I never knew was possible. This has made a huge difference to my own parenting and I’ve always wanted a way to share what I’ve learned with my children so they can grow up knowing this right from the start. This program is my attempt to do just that. And share with you on the way!


Nicola Bird

* The SPARK curriculum has been developed and widely used by The Cypress Initiative. Please note Thriving for Tweens does not teach the whole of this curriculum, however many of the examples and exercises in the modules have been based on their work.