Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress

Chances are you’ve heard something in the work that we do here at A Little Peace of Mind that’s resonated with you. And just know there’s something here for you that’s helpful.

The brand new Little Peace of Mind 30 Day Program has been created just for you.

Say goodbye to stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Say hello to peace of mind.

– Mini-Masterclasses-

Starting on Monday, you’ll receive a new Mini-Masterclass from me every week-day as you go step by step through the Little Peace of Mind 30 Day Program.

These are delivered in our easy-to-use portal so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part.

Simply watch, listen and reflect.

Please note: You’ll have lifetime access to the program so you can watch a class each weekday, or go at a slower pace if you prefer.

Here are just some of the modules you’ll receive.

How Anxiety Really Works  – the deep dive

The Projector vs the Camera

Being Safe

Ditch the Control Freak – Part One

It Only Works One Way

“I just want it gone.”

Back to Basics – a fresh look at the Principles

The Fundamental Gamechanger

What Does Progress Look Like?

Ditch the Control Freak – Part Two

You Can’t Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Want

A Deeper Conversation

**Just Added**

– LIVE Q&A Calls-

Once a week at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm UK on a Wednesday, you’ll get together on a call with everyone else currently in the program.

These will be run by our Head Coach, Shannon and are simple to join – just click the link we’ll send you to join at no cost from your computer, phone or tablet.

 Here you can ask your questions, get coaching and you’ll always hear something new for yourself when listening to others if you prefer to sit quietly during the calls.

These will be recorded so don’t worry if you have to miss one.

– Facebook Group-

This is your chance to see you’re not alone. Here’s where you get the support of others who totally understand how you feel, but more importantly, are all looking in the direction of health and well-being.

You can get additional support here from Shannon and the other members of the group, ask your questions and share your insights.

This is where we get to know you better.

– Your Investment-

– FAQs-

How do I know this will work?

Good question, especially as my guess is you’ve tried everything else you can find to shift this problem.

Here’s my answer. If you’ find yourself drawn to this page, it’s already ‘working’ 🙂 You’ve heard something inside you that is pulling you towards health. The aim of this program is to continue that journey – through the facilitation of your own insights.

Can we guarantee you’ll get the insight you want during the next 30 days?


Will being in this conversation considerably tilt the odds in your favour.


And here’s my promise to you. If you decide to join the program and at the end of the 30 days you’re not completely happy that you did, we will refund you 100%.

How long do I have to work through the program?

You’ll have a new module sent you to every weekday. Each is between 5 minutes and an hour long so you’ll probably want to set some time aside each day for the next month to make the most of the program.

Please note: You’ll have lifetime access to the program so you can watch a class each weekday, or go at a slower pace if you prefer.

How is this different from anything I've already tried?

Everything else I’ve personally come across in this field is an attempt to help us deal with our anxious thinking.

As long as we keep tapping, saying our affirmations, doing the scary stuff anyway or meditating, we can hold the anxiety at bay.

That is exhausting.

And impossible.

What I do is different in that I point you in a direction upstream of your anxious thinking. To what’s actually causing it.

Understand and resolve that and bam! No techniques required.

I promise you there is ALWAYS less to do than you think.

Which should come as a relief – you control freak! ( said with love as a recovered one)

I still have questions
No problem! Just click here to contact me and ask away – I’m always happy to hear from you.

Here’s what Clare had to say about the 30 Day Program


I just wanted to keep watching as I could not believe how every single word was changing my life little piece by little piece.

I've just gone back and listened to module one and cried, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I'm so excited to hear the rest I can hardly wait.

I've been struggling with anxiety for over 20 years so to find this when I had got to the stage where I was wishing myself dead every day is absolutely incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!'


And Others….

Sandra’s anxiety was all around going to shops, to other busy places and just seeing other people.

James experienced chronic and severe anxiety which he thought was a result of the traffic noise outside of his house.

Emma felt extremely uncomfortable leaving her house, hard when you have 2 small children.