How about a private coaching session?

We’re opening up a small number of  private coaching slots with our Head Coach, Shannon Cooper, so that you can spend a full 60 minutes together to really help get to the bottom of what’s going on for you.

Shannon has worked alongside some of the pioneers in this field and has travelled her own journey through anxiety – not only has her life been transformed by understanding what we teach here at A Little Peace of Mind, she’s also an excellent coach.

Here’s who’s right for working with us in this way (and it isn’t for everyone, I know).


fed up of techniques

You’ve tried every technique going and you just feel like a failure as none of them seem to ‘work’ permanently.

ready to see more

You’ve heard something in this conversation so far that’s touched you and you want to see more

an end to the churning

…in your stomach the whole time that seems to stop you moving forward with your life.

want 1: 1 coaching

You want the support of someone who truly gets you. Who’s been where you are and is through the other side.

had enough of feeling limited

You can see your world is getting smaller and smaller and that’s not OK with you any more.

simply put...

You want 1:1 support as you transform your relationship with anxiety and find peace of mind. 

You can book a sixty minute private coaching session with Shannon for just £97.