10 ways to know you’ve been impacted by the Three Principles

I stumbled across this post I wrote in 2015. It made me smile so I thought I’d re-post it here…..

1. The strategies you had in place a year ago to deal with your ‘hot button pushers’ (for me my kids, but insert work, money, husband here) don’t even cross your mind today. Because your kids/work/money/husband ARE different today than they were a was a year ago so different strategies required. Or none.

2. You don’t post on your blog for a month because ‘I had an insight. Then I had another one’ is the amazing thing these days instead of the content of the insights you used to share. And that’s just boring for other people to read every week.

3. You stop wondering ‘should I teach this stuff?’ because you realize you already are.

4. You stop posting on Facebook because you notice all you’re posting is ‘look how lucky I am!’ and posting pictures of the most inane things. Like trees, or dogs, or flowers. Because you appreciate the simple things in life.

5. You stop posting on Facebook so much because you’re in a good mood for no reason at all and you can’t just post ‘I am having a brilliant day!’ four times a week because then you’ll look like a smug bitch.

6. You suddenly notice you’re doing things that you were unable to because you were so scared of them, and you wonder ‘when did that happen?’ You also see lots of things you’re still scared of but you no longer care. Today I’m proud to call myself Happily Agoraphobic.

7. You find ways to spend more time with your kids than less.

8. You start to see that insights come in the most unexpected directions. For example after years of looking for insights into how to create more money, I suddenly started to have brilliant ideas about how to create a life I can actually afford. That’s huge. And totally unexpected. And a lot simpler.

9. The thing that you wanted to escape (business, career, wife) that brought you to the Principles in the first place suddenly looks like the most attractive thing to be doing/ hanging out with after all. Oh, well that was easier than ditching my business/changing career/getting a divorce.

10. You notice your consumption of Three Principles content has reduced from 4 hours a day to about a couple of hours a month. Hmmmm, maybe the insights aren’t in the material….?